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Jan 25 2018

I've been saying forever that I want to paint and make art but I never do. Tonight I did. I have all the excuses down; no time, it's sooo expensive, I want to paint big and I don't have the space, I'm so out of practice, I don't have get it. Enough's enough. I was sick of listening to myself. So I just started.

I have been saving images on Pinterest, so I chose one. Got my watercolours, some watercolour paper I had kicking around and finished the study above. I actually liked it. Not bad. So on to acrylics I though.

I grabbed one of the canvases that I let my kids paint on, gessoed over it and gave it a go. UGH. Clearly it's been a while since I worked with the medium. I didn't have the best quality paints so they were streaky uneven, hard to blend...frustrating.

I went to Youtube to look for tips and advice and found so much info from oil painters. I enjoyed Robin Clonts and Lena Danya Ah ha I though, that's the issue, I've never used oil paints but they seem to have such nice blending qualities I convinced myself THAT was my problem.

I took notes on the basic supplies I needed to get started with oils and went to the art supply store. NOT CHEAP. Anyway I got home and gave it a go. (Palm to face!) Nope the problem was not my paints it was me, I have some real work to do.

**Still haven't finished this one yet**

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