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Spent some time on Pinterest and Instagram looking for inspiration and FOUND SOME! First it was work TAKE A SELFIE FAKE A LIFE by Camilo Matiz I was born right on the cusp of when Gen X meets Millennials. I remember a world without internet and I also remember where I was and how I felt the first time I ever got on the interweb. (is what I was told it was called at the time) I fully embrace technology and of course have taken many selfies in my life. The idea of using selfies to fake a life is one I have participated in and shunned at the same time pulling away from social media and the "fakeness" of it all as I get older.

I found some inspiration from some artists using an illustrative style. I decided to try using pen and ink with no pencil drawing first forcing me to commit to each mark I made. Two different takes on the "take a selfie, fake a life idea" idea that I think I'd like to explore more.

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