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Can’t quite find the perfect piece of art that sets your heart a flutter?

Have something a little more specific in mind? Let me create a custom piece that is just for you!


Her use of colour is spellbinding!

"Celine's art is vibrant, joyful and explores the beauty of women and fashion with compositions that can NOT be ignored. Her use of color is spellbinding and her technique is flawless. I am so happy to be her collector and to live with her spirit every day!”

- Ashley Longshore, United States

Gabrielle Sept24 2021 1_eq.jpg

Finger Licking Good

36"x 36"

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas

Exceeded all


"A true talent! Celine was super fun to work with and the final piece exceeded all expectations. She creates so much depth with her use of vibrant colours and meticulous attention to details Such an honour to have her art in my collection!"

- Clark Plost, United States

Gabrielle Neon green Suit Oct21 2021_eq.jpg

Being Approachable Isn't That Important

36"x 36"

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas

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